2 Pesewas

S4E50 - Ep 50: The Best Thing About You / 7 Women to Every Man

Season 4 Finale

1 year ago

On the Season 4 finale, Edi (@Kekeli_E) and Peaches (@musingatmidnite) discuss:

In The News (01:28): South Korea's President pushes for a ban on the consumption of dog meat, and a Malawian ex-MP takes his own life at the Parliament offices.

Songs Of The Week (12:45): featuring music from Cina Soul, Ria Boss, Paapa Versa, Nas and Liquideep.

WTF?! (22:54): A Danish artist was paid $84,000 as commission to recreate some of his famous work for a museum, but instead submitted 3 blank frames as a new art piece called "Take The Money and Run"

Two Pesewas (26:58): 'The Best Thing About You' features feedback from couples on the best thing about their partner, and '7 Women to Every Man' analyzes statistics about Ghanaian women.

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