2 Pesewas

S4E45 - Ep 45: Go Date Your Saint / Idioms and Their Origins

1 year ago

On today's episode, Edi (@Kekeli_E) and Peaches (@musingatmidnite) discuss:

In The News (01:04): A Ghanaian megapastor was arrested for assault and threats, and Mozambican migrant workers in former East Germany faced discrimination and stolen wages.

Songs Of The Week (12:15): featuring music from Victoria Monet, Twitch 4Eva, Sam Fender, Funbi, and Joe Mettle.

WTF?! (23:20): A woman stabs her husband after finding photos of another woman on his phone, only to realize the pictures were of her, and a white supremacist was given the option to avoid prison by memorizing and reciting Shakespeare.

Two Pesewas (27:50): Go Date the Saint you claim to want, and well known Idioms and their Origins.

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