2 Pesewas

S4E42 - Ep 42: Kill Your Darlings / To Give or Not to Give

1 year ago

On today's episode, Edi (@Kekeli_E) and Peaches (@musingatmidnite) discuss:

In The News (00:45): Kano state bans the use of mannequins citing immorality, and Tanzania's President body shames female footballers.

Songs Of The Week (14:05): featuring music from Majid Jordan, John Mayer, Christine and The Queens, Bonj and Shekhinah.

WTF?! (23:00): Anglican father forces kisses on highschool students, and woman fined for breaking curfew to walk her husband on a leash.

Two Pesewas (34:05): why its important to Kill Your Darlings, and whether to Give or Not to Give.

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